Saturday, August 4, 2012


C O W B O Y   C O L L E C T I B L E S

AT THE RAILHEAD in Santa Fe, in the Guadalupe District stands RIO BRAVO TRADING COMPANY. Signs say Cowboy Collectibles & Indian Art, but that and the Cowboy & Indian neon lights give NO clue that this 24-year establishment - on the corner of Garfield & Guadalupe Streets - holds a treasure trove of old Pawn Jewelry, Navajo Textiles, Pueblo Pottery, Spurs, Saddles, and Chaps.   Some of the greatest Cowboy Collectibles you've never seen.

Each week I'll be showcasing - NEW COLLECTIBLES - and if you see something you like, give me a call and I'll tell you all the details.  RANDY RODRIGUEZ, OWNER - RIO BRAVO TRADING CO.


411 So. Guadalupe St.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501